Exploring the world of appelstroop (apple syrup)

Apple Syrups
As I have already used apple syrup in some form in this blog, I thought I’d take a closer look at the different products available.  Apple syrup comes in many guises – a little like apples really.  When comparing a Granny Smith with a Cox’s Orange – it is almost as if Continue reading

Apple Fudge

Apple Fudge ready to go
Making fudge takes me way back to my teenaged years – it is a while ago so the memories are a bit fuzzy around the edges but I do remember turning out perfect Russian fudge and that I’d like to track down that recipe one day.  I prefer the texture of well made fudge cooked on the stove-top, but microwave fudge is so easy to make that it often is my go-to method.  I don’t need to watch it like a hawk, and I can get on with Continue reading