Spiced Hot Apple Drink

Spiced Hot Apple Drink 1

I am a coffee addict.  I admit it – I have no problem admitting it, and for every ten people that tell you coffee is bad for you, another ten will tell you about the health benefits of coffee.  So while the jury is out, I am on the coffee is OK in moderation side of things.  Actually, most things are OK in moderation including chocolate, the occasional meat pie or mini bag of Burger Rings.  As for how much coffee is a moderate intake – well who is counting?  On a good day I can fit in four cups of coffee – on a bad day, only one.  Some people, including The Anster and Zoe would consider the one cup of coffee day a good day but I am going to disagree on that one.

And to open another can of worms, I have no problem admitting Continue reading

Exploring the world of appelstroop (apple syrup)

Apple Syrups
As I have already used apple syrup in some form in this blog, I thought I’d take a closer look at the different products available.  Apple syrup comes in many guises – a little like apples really.  When comparing a Granny Smith with a Cox’s Orange – it is almost as if Continue reading