Almost a catastrophe…

Almost a catastrophe….

Or is that a catapplestrophe?  In our chaotic busy lives, chores and errands get squeezed in around the other essential daily life happenings and so it was that an urgent dash to supermarket was in order.
The trouble with supermarket shopping is that Continue reading

Lemonade: fizzy apples

A “new” apple

Lemonade Apples
Mads and I popped into the supermarket to grab a few things when these funny shaped apples caught my eye.   They were elongated pale green apples with faint yellow-red patches.  A little bit like Golden Delicious but more green than yellow.  The shape was long kind of a like Red Delicious but without the ribs.  Inspection of the fruit sticker identified these as Lemonade – a variety I had not heard of.  And so we picked through the bin and chose four pristine specimens to try. Continue reading