Honey of a muffin

AFB Honey English Muffins

AFB English Muffins
Here in New Zealand we can buy English muffin splits in a pack of six.  They are quite yummy and come plain or flavoured with fruit or cheese.  The teens in my house have recently discovered these and pile them into the trolley if they happen to be accompanying me on a grocery shop. 

As part of my recent interest in reducing refined sugar in our diet, and trying to eliminate processed food products, I dug out a treasure of a cookery book: Joy with Honey by Doris Mech.  Published in 1979, and sprinkled throughout with biblical references, I discover new delights within this unassuming book every time I read it.
Joy with Honey
Of particular interest is the section on how to convert recipes to using honey.  More on that later as I have already put that new found knowledge to good experimental use with an AFB Chocolate Honey cake but more on that later….

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Day 10 = Baking Day

Amish Friendship Bread
Day 6 is feeding day for my live sourdough batter.  Having the baggie sitting on the bench in the kitchen seems like a good idea but can you over-mash the batter?  Seems that everyone who walks past my baggie of bubbling goo has to mash it about a bit.

Fed and watered, or in this instance, fed and milked, I set the baggie on the bench to wait another 4 days until I can begin my baking.  However, there is always a spanner or two that gets into the mechanism.  On Day 7 the Anster arises to find the baggie grew legs overnight and walked right off the bench.  Bother – slimy sweet batter had spilled out of the bag and crept under the dishwasher.  Arggggh……

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Chain bread

Friendship Bread

Friendship Bread
I was lent this delightful novel at the last Book club with my friends from my work – it is a book I’ve wanted to read for a while now but hadn’t got around to getting my hands on a copy.  It turns out Fiona-Friend (an ex-work colleague and current book club member) has been keeping her copy from me.  She probably knew I’d skip to the back, get out my apron and get started on the batter. Continue reading