Food Foraging: Apple & Caramel Muffins

Apple & Caramel Muffins

Food Foraging

As mentioned before, anytime we travel to another town or city in New Zealand I have a strong urge to visit the supermarkets, markets and specialist food shops to search out new and interesting products.  As we hadn’t been away for a while, I decided to mooch around our local food establishments and suss out new products.  In the baking aisle of one of the local supermarkets, I spotted caramel bits nestled among the dark, milk and white chocolate bits (drops) so  I had to have a packet or three.  I notice some American recipes use butterscotch baking chips, peanut butter chips, or mint baking chips – all of which sound quite yummy.  While we can’t get these here in NZ, I could attempt to make some myself as there are plenty of recipes on-line.  But for now, it’s chocolate or caramel baking bits. Continue reading

Caramelicious Cookies: Apple & Caramel Drop Cookies

Caramel Drop Cookies
Similar to chocolate chip cookies, but using delicious caramel bits instead.  I spied these caramel drops in the supermarket a while ago and added a couple of packets to my basket knowing I’d have to play around with different ideas.  They have been added to muffins and cakes, but so far these cookies are the best.  Well, the muffins were really tasty and I have taken some pretty cool photo’s but despite looking very carefully for my recipe notes, I can’t find where I have written them down or typed them up.  So I might have to try to recreate them. Continue reading