Breakfast Apple Shake with Granny Smith apples and extra cinnamon

I found a recipe in a cute little book called The Best of Apples.  It has 22 apple recipes, some of which I am keen to try, others not so much.  I discovered a recipe for Breakfast Apple Shake that seemed easy enough.  We like smoothies & shakes but I have discovered I like them a lot less thick that a lot of recipes specify.  Not as thin as juice, but I don’t like a mouthful of sludge either (tasty, fragrant sludge but still sludge).  This recipe is inspired by the recipe in the cookbook.Breakfast Apple Shake

The Anster is having trouble with an inflammation of something to do with his tendon (he did explain it, but I’ve forgotten the exact wording).  Lots of trips to different medical professions that prod and poke (and stick needles in) the verdict is he has to let it rest for a long time (six months or something like that).  He could take anti-inflammatories…. could is a big word.

As I was browsing Pinterest I discovered that there are many different herbs & spices that have anti-inflammatory properties.  I couldn’t find much about how much of these herbs & spices are needed in the diet in order to be helpful but am happy to use all of them in our cooking.  Most of them are incorporated in our daily meals anyhow, but I will endeavour to add “extra” to our meals – double or nothing, right?Breakfast Apple Shake

Cinnamon is the spice of choice right now – it is sprinkled on breakfast with happy abandon (at least I think so, I am not actually present at the breakfast table due to the chaos).  The original recipe says a pinch of ground cinnamon – double a pinch is still woefully little cinnamon……. so I have rounded that up to a whole teaspoon.  The original recipe also requires tart apples to be peeled and cored.  The only tart apples I have on hand are Granny Smiths.  I do have several large Ballarat apples but they aren’t nearly as tart as I’d have thought.  They have a lovely lemony taste and aren’t sweet, but they don’t suck your cheeks in like Granny’s do.  As for peeling the apples…. nope, not me.  Too much work and it wastes all that lovely stuff in the skin.  There are several interesting articles about all the good stuff in the apple skin:

Breakfast Apple Shake with Granny Smith apples and extra cinnamon

2 Granny Smith apples, cored (peel if you must)
500ml real milk (I used whole milk not trim or lite)
1 t ground cinnamon
1 T honey

Place the apples, milk, cinnamon & honey into a blender.
Process until the apples are all chopped and the shake is smooth.
Pour into glasses and enjoy.
Serves 2 generously.


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