Apples we are eating: Jazz Apples

Jazz Apple
Some apples are ready as early as late summer and some as late as early winter, but autumn is really apple season. Heading into mid-Winter, while there are still plenty of apples available, some are past their eating best.  So what are we eating…..Jazz apples.

Jazz Apple
Jazz apples are a cross between Braeburn and Gala.  It is a very juicy crisp apple with good flavour and a little of the tartness of the Braeburn.  Braeburn are at the top of my favourite apple list so anything crossed with a Braeburn is usually fairly decent.

The Jazz apple is quite a popular wee apple – it’s one of the few apples to have websites dedicated to the single variety.  They are delicious eating apples but also cook and bake well.  There are plenty of delicious recipes for Jazz apples – here are a few that I have bookmarked to try:

Jazz Apple
I am currently buying our apples from any and all sources:

  • the garden – we have a variety of apple trees in the orchard but most of them have been in only a couple of years so are producing a handful of fruit at best.
  • the farmers market – to buy ugly but delicious organic Braeburns.
  • the flea market/the early bird market – rising early on a Saturday morning is not high on the priority list but the need for produce unable to be purchased elsewhere without burning a large hole in the budget means a sleep-in is cast aside.
  • supermarket A – for delicious seasonal apples with annoying little stickers which end up in the most unusual places – there is one stuck to the shower door, another on the kitchen tap, there is even one on the underside of the sun visor in the big car.
  • supermarket B – for different seasonal apples also with annoying little stickers (for some reason Supermarket A doesn’t sell Mahana Red (another Braeburn cross) so I have to make a special trip to Supermarket B.
  • the orchard shop – a trip 15 minutes from home is worth the trip for interesting varieties not available anywhere else.

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