The Apple Isle

Somewhere over the Tasman Sea
I have just returned from a fun but exhausting 10 day holiday in The Apple Isle (Tasmania).  The idea of the trip was raised by my sister-in-law as she & I both celebrate a significant birthday this year and we’re both a little nuts about food.  Tasmania is well-known for its food and it wasn’t until after we’d organised the holiday that i realised it is also known for apples.  Sounded like a great holiday destination to me.
Lunch - Johnagold Apple
I had good intentions to lose some weight before the holiday.  Last time I went overseas it was with The Anster when we spent 5 days in Melbourne celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary (never mind that we forgot about the wedding anniversary bit while we were there).  We ate and ate and ate and walked and walked and walked yet I still came home with five extra kilos I didn’t intend to (and that wasn’t in my luggage).  I was afraid that 2 days in Melbourne and 10 days in Tasmania would result in an extra 12 kilos packing onto my already overloaded frame.  Fortunately, though we ate and ate, we also walked, climbed, huffed and puffed and this time I was successful in that the only extra baggage I came home with was safely packed into my bags and not on me.
Honey Murcott Mandarin
Ten days in Tasmania is not nearly enough to see the island in its entirety but it was enough to whet my appetite for more.  Not wanting to steal a catch phrase but I will be back to eat more cheese and taste more honey, walk more tracks and dodge more wildlife after dusk.

It was a huge amount of fun trying the different foods and products and anyone following us around would have thought New Zealand was starving.  We oohed and aahed over so much and I could have bought home a whole plane load of stuff.  A really big plane at that. I was very interesting in trying anything and everything with an apple focus so I could write about it all when I returned home.  So far, at home, all I have wanted to do is sleep to recover from our early starts and long long days.  I also didn’t want to eat cheese for quite a long time, so cheesed out for now.
Flinders Street Station
Both my sister-in-law Rach & I love Supermarkets.  The Anster laughs at me because any new town we go to, I need to trawl the supermarket (note: need is definitely the correct word as all of me suffers a mini-meltdown at the thought of all that food I could be perusing but aren’t due to time constraints or some other such excuse).  Not all supermarkets are created equal…… some big flash ones have all manner of interesting food products that we won’t get here in Gisborne until the year 2018 if at all.  Not that our supermarkets here are useless, we just don’t have the population to support the supermarkets stocking really high-end products or more obscure foods.  Though with paleo and clean-eating being super trendy right now, some things are becoming more available.  Anyway, back to Australian supermarkets….. I wanted to visit La Manna – a huge-market style supermarket while on our stop-over in Melbourne.  However we had a day and a half and a big long list of things to do, and relaying on public transport shoved this particular “want” into the “next time” category. The “want” to go to the Prahan Markets (which deserves a blog entry all of its own) was more wanty……if that makes sense.
Port Melbourne
In order for this post to stay at a readable length (and I am due for another nap) …… stay tuned for The Apple Isle Chapter 2: Apples.

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