Honey Roasted Banana & Wholemeal Cake

Honey Roasted Banana Cake

One of the reasons I love Pinterest (actually that should probably be LOVE Pinterest) is that other people share their absolutely inspired and awesome ideas.  Ideas such as Roasted Bananas….. I have roasted all sorts of fruit: apples, rhubarb, apricots, peaches, pineapple….. but the idea of roasting bananas had never occurred to me.  Then I see Two Peas and Their Pod pinned Whole Wheat Roasted Banana Bread.  And I got very excited about the concept of roasted bananas.  So excited that I snaffled all the bananas in the fruit bowl and got my first batch roasting – never mind that the bananas were still in a perfectly edible state (ie not yet “baking” bananas). Continue reading