Roasted Pineapple & White Chocolate Mud Cake

Roasted Pineapple & White Chocolate Mud Cake
Pineapple & chocolate are a perfect pairing and this delicious mud cake was inspired by a very Kiwi confectionery (Pineapple Lumps). White chocolate & pineapple give the cake a lovely golden-yellow colour.  Using a white chocolate that has cacao solids seems to make it easier to work with (and it tastes great).  Roasting the pineapple intensifies the tropical flavour of the fruit and with the addition of the freeze-dried powder, this cake is very fragrant and pineapple-y.  The yoghurt in the ganache lends a lovely tang to the chocolate topping, though it can be omitted, and the cream quantity doubled.  The cake keeps well but most likely won’t last long enough to need storing. Continue reading

Easy Unsweetened Apple Purée

Apple purée / Apple Sauce / Applesauce

Mixed Apples Apple Puree & Apple Juice
Unsweetened apple purée and apple juice

Apple purée is also known as apple sauce or applesauce.  I always use unsweetened apple purée in my recipes – so basically cooked apples which are sieved or processed to a fine texture.  Nothing else – just apples……  maybe a little water to get the apples softening up but that’s all.  I see no reason to sweeten the apples – even if I am making Granny Smith apple purée, the resulting purée is quite sweet enough without added sugar.  However apple purée, apple sauce or applesauce can include sugar or honey, as well as spices for flavouring. Continue reading