Christmas Trifle with Chianti & Berry Sago

A trifle can be as time-consuming or quick as time permits.  If, as I used to be, you have all day to create, cook and enjoy time in the kitchen then make each element of this dessert yourself. I haven’t provided recipes for sponge cake, custard or meringues as mostly likely you’ll have a go-to recipe tucked away.  And if, as I am now, you work full time and try to squeeze as much in to the time before work and the time after work, then the quick option is just as good. Continue reading

Apple crumble in disguise

Apple Crumble Trifle


Miss M requested apple crumble and custard for her birthday party dessert – however as we are in the throes of summer, apple crumble seemed a tad inappropriate to end a hot summer’s night’s feast of party food and pot luck.  So I put on my thinking cap and decided apples and custard could a trifle make. And I set about playing in the kitchen. It was a bit dicey playing with a new recipe when we had guests coming for tea, but if the dessert didn’t quite work out I had loads of ice-cream and jelly on stand-by.  And I could have whipped up a traditional apple crumble pretty quick if I needed to.  Continue reading