Lemon & Apple Cupcakes

Lemon & Apple Cupcakes
Whenever I bake cupcakes, the kids always call them muffins.  They say it just to annoy me but cupcakes & muffins are different creatures, although there is some overlap. Most often, cupcakes have frosting.  Sometimes way too much frosting; more frosting than (cup) cake.

I have attempted to improve the health quality of these cupcakes by using wholemeal flour, reducing the sugar and using less icing (frosting). It could be argued that by trying to increase the health factor, I am straying into Muffin territory.

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SPCA Pupcakes – dog-friendly treats

The SPCA annual cupcake day fundraiser for 2014 is this Friday, 25th August.  Time to get your pinnies on and bake some pupcakes.

When I received the recipe from the SPCA, I was quite excited to bake the pupcakes as they included apple sauce (or apple purée).  It wasn’t until I read the recipe all the way through that I realised they were dog-friendly treats as the ingredients don’t look out-of-place for regular human cupcakes.  I used a fresh Braeburn apple, finely chopped instead of dried apple pieces. Continue reading