Curd, Honey, Butter or Cheese: Rhubarb & Rosewater Curd

rhubarb & rosewater curdCurd, Honey, Butter or Cheese – they all have the same ingredients: eggs, sugar, butter & fruit (usually lemons).  It seems they are all the same although sometimes Lemon Honey really is Honey with Lemon flavouring it (I have a tub in the cupboard).  I’ve always called it curd in our house and I usually make Lemon or Tangelo Curd.  I have several recipes that I keep on hand – one is a microwave recipe for when I’m feeling lazy and the whole double boiler-whisking thing isn’t going to happen.  I also have a Lemon Curd recipe using whole eggs and one that uses only the yolks – perfect for making after whipping up a batch of meringues. We had some guests for dinner and I needed a make-ahead dessert that I could make the day before and forget about.  So meringues it was – and I made some lemon curd to go with.  I also made a passionfruit sauce and a blueberry honey sauce; so in all, a very yummy but super easy dessert.  I used up the remaining lemon curd the following week by spreading it thickly on my toast.  Yum! Continue reading

The joy of baking: Rhubarb & Rosewater Purée

In the latest Australian Women’s Weekly issue (New Zealand edition (November 2015)), Nigella speaks about the therapy of baking.  I don’t often buy the AWW as I have to limit my magazine purchases in order to keep to my assigned budget but occasionally something on the cover calls out to me.  Most often it is a kiwi food writer or chef and I always buy the December issue because I LOVE the recipes.  In my experience, AWW recipes are very good and so they should be, triple tested and all.  I triple test my own recipes because I want them to be as “good” and fail-safe (and because the piglets in my house eat all the baking as I’ve forgotten I need to take photo’s.  I still haven’t posted my Apple Caramel Slice recipe because as soon as I make it, it is demolished).
Rhubarb & Rosewater Purée

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