Cookbook Review: Sweet

Sweet: treats to share – Penguin Group

Sweet treats to share
With bookstores & library shelves already groaning with baking books, what can Sweet offer that the others don’t already cover? Continue reading

Book Review: Feed a family of six for under $20

Feed a family of six for under $20: Budget-friendly recipes from Facebook sensation Jas McPhee

Feed a family of six for under $20

It takes a little bit of magic and a lot of skill to stretch a limited income to feed a family.  Maybe skill isn’t the right word, as it isn’t a difficult task, but rather requires know-how and can-do.

Our food budget is reasonably flexible however we have carried forward good habits which help keep our food spend down to a reasonable limit.  Homemade yoghurt (not from a sachet), bread, baking and creating meals from scratch rather than using packet mixes and expensive snacks all help keep costs down. Continue reading