Cookbook Review: A Fresh Start

Nadia Lim's Fresh Start Cookbook
I have a lot of cookbooks; more than I care to count.  I use a lot of them for research and some contain favourite family recipes.  Occasionally, I get one out and I’ll try a couple of recipes to try to find a superb dinner to add to our repertoire of awesome recipes.

As part of my writing gig for the local newspaper, I request cookbooks to review (I also receive some that I haven’t requested which is interesting as it causes me to try recipes out of a cookbook I might not have otherwise picked up and in turn, broadens our food experience even more – as was the case with Rick Stein’s ‘from Venice to Istanbul’). Continue reading

Red Delicious Jam with Nadia Lim’s No Knead Seed Bread

Red Delicious Apple JamApples are included in a lot of jam recipes – not usually as the star but as the supporting act.  They are great to stretch out a small quantity of more expensive fruits.  However apple jam, with apple as the star, is also possible.  There are many recipes for Caramel Apple Jam, Apple & Vanilla Jam, Apple Pie Jam – they all sound delicious.  I couldn’t find an Apple Pie Jam recipe without added-pectin – apples are really high in pectin so I don’t know why extra pectin is required.  Stay tuned for Apple Pie Jam with no added pectin.

After a visit to our local ‘early bird’ market, we came home with a super large bag of Red Delicious & Royal Gala apples.  The apple purée I made with this apple mixture turned out a lovely pink hue.  It started me thinking about single variety apple jam and how that would taste.  I selected the reddest rosiest Red Delicious apples and got out the jam pot. Continue reading