A trip to the fieldays & Apple Ice-Cream!!

2015 NZ National Agricultural Fieldays
New Zealand hosts the Southern Hemisphere’s largest agribusiness exhibition every year in Mystery Creek, Hamilton.  Both the Anster & I went along with our families when we were youngsters but neither of us had been since before we were married.  Every year we talk about taking the kids there some time so they can experience the fieldays even though we’re not farmers or into agribusiness.
Kapiti Spicy Apple Crumble Ice Cream with Black Doris Plum & Creme Fraiche Ice Cream in the background
Miss M had an invite from a friend and was scheming up ways she could attend.  It was decided by one and all that the whole family should go so a gumboot inventory was duly executed (Fieldays and gumboots go hand in hand (or is that foot in food?)).  Mr L was the only gumboot-less member of our family so a quick trip to the local hardware store saw him equipped with a brand new pair of Red Bands. Continue reading