Cookbook Review: Scrumptious

Scrumptious by Chelsea Winter


This is the fourth cookbook from Chelsea Winter, following on from the very well received At My Table, Everyday Delicious and Homemade Happiness.  And once again, this book is full of mouth watering recipes that don’t seem too challenging.

Scrumptious has food that is perfect for dinner inspiration whether it is weeknight or weekend.  There is also a chapter on special occasion food such as Christmas family gatherings – yummy stuff like Christmas Truffles and Chelsea Bunny Easter Scrolls.

For us here in NZ, Chelsea probably doesn’t need much introduction as we know her from MasterChef NZ and her recent collaboration with Lewis Road Creamery to produce a double caramel flavoured milk got a lot of press time.  Chelsea also has a strong online presence in social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – as Chelsea says herself on her website – she is everywhere.

Her food is simple without being boring, accessible to most cooks and home kitchens.  We’ve had Savoury Mince on Toast for our Friday night Fake-aways – adding a perfectly poached egg on top of a delicious mix of mince and vegetables is an inspired idea that makes the meal a bit more substantial.  The Sausage, Bacon & Bean Hotpot also gets a big tick from our family, although I can serve them a simple pan-fried sausage and they’re also happy as.  These two recipes are good examples of Chelsea’s recipes – mince, sausages, chicken, lamb shoulder – regular inexpensive food for the everyday eater.  Divided into lunches & dinners, on the side, salads, Christmas and sweets, the recipes range from everyday classics such as the perfect roast chicken or poached eggs on toast through to more exotic Rogan josh or slow lamb puttanesca.  Chelsea’s humour and sunny nature show through in the recipe head notes and often the titles themselves (Chelly con Carne or Spaghetti Chel-fredo).

I had wanted to bake the Caramel Apple Cake before posting this review but time has not been my friend this month.  As the light at the end of the tunnel is still pin-prick size, I’ve decided to box on with the post without the cake.  Stay tuned though as I am sure the cake will turn up at some point – I am quite ambitiously considering making it dairy-free which will be a challenge as it has butter, milk, sweetened condensed milk, cream and more butter to find replacements for.

Mocha deliciousness

Mocha Milk
There has been a lot of press recently about Chelsea Winter & Lewis Road Creamery’s collaboration creation of Fresh Double Caramel Milk – a caramel milk with two layers of caramel flavour – a golden butterscotch & a deep caramel.  First up, I am not a fan of caramel flavoured milk as they are usually overly sweet.  Chocolate milk is okay now and then but my go-to flavour of flavoured-milk is coffee (preferably strong coffee). I had to try the double caramel milk after reading the reviews on-line and this is a caramel milk I’d drink again – for me, it was sweet but not too sweet. The Mopp is addicted to it and frequently goes out on errands to restock the fridge.
Mocha deliciousness

The collaboration effort between Chelsea Winter, Masterchef New Zealand’s Season Three (2012) Winner and Lewis Road Creamery got me imagining what flavour milk I’d create should I ever have the opportunity.  As Lewis Road Creamery already offer Fresh Coffee Milk with Supreme Coffee which is, in my opinion, really good coffee-flavoured milk as it isn’t sweet at all, I decided a Mocha Milk was the next best thing to Coffee Milk.  So off I toddle and purchase one bottle of really good coffee-flavoured milk and one bottle of really good chocolate-flavoured milk (flavoured with Whittaker’s 5-Roll Refined Creamy Milk Chocolate no less) – just a wee (300 ml) bottle of each.
Mocha Milk
I didn’t give much thought to the coffee/chocolate ratio to begin with.  I just started with 50% of each, carefully measured out into a glass jug.  The Mopp (the above-mentioned caramel-milk addict) was my helpful taste-tester.  I wanted more coffee flavour and he wanted more chocolate flavour so next time around (and there will be a next time around) I will have Chocolate-infused Coffee Milk (with 75% Coffee/25% Chocolate) and he will have Coffee-infused Chocolate Milk with the remaining milks.  Perfect.  So until Lewis Road Creamery cotton onto the Mocha Milk idea, we shall continue concocting our own.
Mocha Milk
Note: I am not related to or connected to any of the companies mentioned in this post nor have they paid me or provided product for samples.  This review is purely my own opinion.
Mocha Milk

Mocha deliciousness


  • 1 x 300 ml Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Coffee Milk
  • 1 x 300 ml Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Chocolate Milk


  • Pour half the coffee milk into a tall glass. Give the chocolate milk bottle a good shake to redistribute all the chocolatey goodness that has settled on the bottom then pour half the chocolate into aforementioned glass. Pour the remaining coffee flavoured milk into the half empty chocolate milk bottle and recap. Hide it in the refrigerator for another Mocha hit tomorrow.
  • Give the milk in the glass a stir to combine the two milky flavours then drink.
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Cookbook Review: Everyday Delicious

Everyday Delicious
Everyday Delicious is the second cookbook from Chelsea Winter, winner of NZ MasterChef season three.  At My Table, Chelsea’s bestselling first cookbook, is marketed as ‘hearty, delicious, no-fuss mainstream New Zealand recipes’ and Everyday Delicious continues this theme with recipes specifically created for home cooks. Continue reading