Banana & Chocolate Bran Muffins

I haven’t baked in a while (like a couple of weeks) and it is shows.  I got my muffin mixture all spooned out into the muffin papers and ready for the oven when I noticed my bowl of soaked sultanas was still on the bench. Oh well, my Sultana, Banana & Chocolate Bran Muffins just morphed into Banana & Chocolate Bran Muffins. Continue reading

Too many top muffins…..

….maketh a muffin top

I have lost count of just how many batches of muffins have been processed through the kitchen in the last few weeks.   I know I sampled enough to create a little muffin top of my own.  Bran muffins are quite healthy but even healthy muffins need to be eaten in moderation.  So both my clothes and my family are happy I have cracked the muffin recipe.

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