Quinoa & Apple Breakfast Salad

Quinoa & Apple Breakfast Salad with Toasted Seedy Sprinkle
This breakfast salad is loosely based on Swiss Bircher Muesli but uses quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) instead of rolled oats.  It is a lovely fresh breakfast, perfect for sunny but cool Spring mornings.   Continue reading

Simple Caramelized Apples

Simple Caramelized Apples
I have played around with adding caramelized apples to baking recipes to deepen the flavour dimension.  There are plenty of different ways to make caramelized apples but it depends entirely on the end use.  Sometimes cream or other dairy products are added while the apples are still warm, which is delicious as an accompaniment for dessert, however I wanted something more simple.

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Easy Unsweetened Apple Purée

Apple purée / Apple Sauce / Applesauce

Mixed Apples Apple Puree & Apple Juice
Unsweetened apple purée and apple juice

Apple purée is also known as apple sauce or applesauce.  I always use unsweetened apple purée in my recipes – so basically cooked apples which are sieved or processed to a fine texture.  Nothing else – just apples……  maybe a little water to get the apples softening up but that’s all.  I see no reason to sweeten the apples – even if I am making Granny Smith apple purée, the resulting purée is quite sweet enough without added sugar.  However apple purée, apple sauce or applesauce can include sugar or honey, as well as spices for flavouring. Continue reading

Restocking the pantry with a trip to the Farmers Market

Saturday Farmers Market

Saturdays are home days – days I try not to leave the house, days where my hair can frizz up and not bother anyone, least of all me.  But then Miss M, who had a lunch date with the three J’s (a lot of her school mates seem to have names beginning with J (or G which is almost the same)), asked for a lift into town (it was raining).  If I had to go out I may as make the most of it and go to the Gisborne Farmers Market and buy some supplies.
Apples from Gisborne Farmers Market
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