Winter woes + delicious apple shortcake

Apple Blossom

Winter is not my favourite season when the weather is wet and cold but when the sky is blue, the air is crisp and the sun gently warms as it delivers a dose of Vitamin D, I can’t complain.  In fact, I get a little antsy sitting inside…… I need to be out in the garden with my fingers in the dirt.  The combination of pulling weeds to tidy the garden while enjoying the company of my chickens and cats is great therapy. I have baked and cooked a lot of apple recipes lately but we have gobbled them down before I thought to take any photo’s.  I am sure my family will not complain when I make them again so I can prepare some blog posts. The Mopp turned 18 and requested an apple pie for his birthday dinner.  I intended to make Chelsea Winter’s Apple Pie with Feijoa & Maple however it was a low day for me – winter woes and all that guff so I was looking for an alternative which seemed easier.  Miss M offered to help with dinner which kick-started my mojo a little.  A few minutes (yeah, right) of Pinterest and I was away.  The pictures of this Caramel Apple Crumble pie from Averie Cooks made me forget the easier route….. Continue reading