Food Foraging: Apple & Caramel Muffins

Apple & Caramel Muffins

Food Foraging

As mentioned before, anytime we travel to another town or city in New Zealand I have a strong urge to visit the supermarkets, markets and specialist food shops to search out new and interesting products.  As we hadn’t been away for a while, I decided to mooch around our local food establishments and suss out new products.  In the baking aisle of one of the local supermarkets, I spotted caramel bits nestled among the dark, milk and white chocolate bits (drops) so  I had to have a packet or three.  I notice some American recipes use butterscotch baking chips, peanut butter chips, or mint baking chips – all of which sound quite yummy.  While we can’t get these here in NZ, I could attempt to make some myself as there are plenty of recipes on-line.  But for now, it’s chocolate or caramel baking bits. Continue reading