Applezac Biscuits (Cookies)

Applezacs (3 T)

Anzac Biscuits with Apple & Ginger

Disaster had arrived in our pantry – the tins were empty! After three weeks of caring for sick kids and husbands (well, one husband but he had man flu so it was as if I had multiple husbands), I was a bit too tired to bake my heart out and fill the tins.  But it was bake or starve as I wasn’t going to succumb to the pressure (theirs) and send the lunch boxes kitted out with packets of this and that.  Actually, that stretches the truth a little bit as I have never made lunches for my children – well maybe when they attended kindergarten or pre-school but once they hit five, it was their responsibility to make their lunch.  It was how I was bought up and I didn’t starve – nor did I complain that mum hadn’t made the right kind of sandwich.  I only had myself to blame if I had honey and raisin sandwiches every day of the week (seriously you should try it, it is really good).

Applezacs (2 T)

But back to the baking tins and the lack within.  Baking makes me happy and I understand that has something to do with the “feel good” factor of providing treats for my offspring but also something to do with keeping my hands busy.  If I feel a major grump coming on, it can be averted by Continue reading