Cookbook Review: Superfoods Cookbook

Superfoods Cookbook

Michelle Bridges: Superfoods Cookbook | Penguin Group

I requested this book to review as a way of shaking my cooking out of a very deep rut – I tend to make similar sorts of meals and occasionally, I wonder if there is a better way of nourishing the body and soul.  This book proclaims boldly on the cover: feel great, get fit and lose weight.  A stunning picture of Michelle Bridges shows she practices what she preaches.

So what are these superfoods and how can I incorporate them into our diet? First up is vegetables – no longer is a beetroot just a beetroot: Beetroot, Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts are super foods – and that is just the B section.  Follow on with regular fruit such apples and oranges and not so regular stuff like Goji berries.   A quick squizz at the remaining ingredients proves that superfoods are not new.  Superfoods were the building blocks of the meals that our grandparents and parents grew up on.  REAL food.  In fact, the only processed food in this book are ingredients such as tofu, yoghurt and cheese.

On to the recipes – starting with baby steps we tried the Quinoa Bircher Muesli as it isn’t too different to breakfasts we are used to.  It helped that apart from Goji berries, I had all the ingredients on hand.  Earmarking several recipes for weeknight dinners, it won’t be so hard to readjust as the food looks simple to prepare – roll on feeling great.

Oat porridge with Apple & Walnuts

Superfoods 3
Next up is the Oat porridge with apple & walnuts.  I appreciate recipes that specify a particular type of apple and this recipe calls for Red Delicious – a sweet but mild dessert apple suitable for both eating fresh & cooking with.  I only had Braeburn on hand this early in the morning (after breakfast I did go and pick two Golden Delicious) so Braeburn it was.  Braeburn is also an eating, cooking apple but with an aromatic, tangy flavour.

Porridge is one of the few breakfasts that needs a little salt to perfect the flavour and so I noted a bit dubiously that there was no salt in the listed ingredients.  I decided to go with the recipe as is, apart from the different apple variety and taste it before adding anything extra.  The porridge is super easy to make and the fresh grated apple adds a lovely sweet crunchy texture.  I added a little salt after the first taste, and decided it added nothing to the recipe.  It is perfect without salt, the cinnamon gives enough seasoning.  I tend to under season food, allowing guests to add extra at the table if their personal taste requires it.  Therefore it will be interesting to see what The Anster thinks – he is a seasoning maestro.  But for that, I’ll need to make some more porridge as Mopp & I have demolished the first pot full.

Two further apple-related recipes are earmarked for checking out:

The ultra superfood fruit salad – a lovely fruit salad with fresh fruit, some dried berries, orange juice & mint leaves.  We often have fruit salad for dinner on Sunday night but adding dried fruit to fresh fruit is an interesting idea worth trying.

Stewed apple & strawberries with honey yoghurt – I often make a large bowl of stewed apple at this time of the year.  It is added in large quantities to breakfast bowls.  Adding some strawberries sounds an interesting idea – though with strawberry season well behind us, frozen strawberries might have to do the trick until Spring.

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