Round two with Appelstroop

Appelstroop revisited

The level of the spiced apple syrup jar drops alarmingly fast as we are busy making pikelets, hot drinks and generally testing it in any recipe that looks like it could benefit from a spoonful or three.  This syrup is something I will be sure to have on hand at all times as it is so versatile – the next task is to convert it from using apple juice to using apples – taking the processing back one further step to use whole fresh produce.  But right now, I am onwards in the quest to reproduce appelstroop and it is time to try the second appelstroop recipe. 

This is Nicole Holten’s Appelstroop recipe from The Dutch Table.  It also uses apple juice but has no spices.  The recipe calls for a candy thermometer but it can be made without one.  The syrup must reduce down to a runny honey consistency – the syrup will coat the back of the spoon but still run.  It took my syrup quite a lot longer to reduce down than I expected and without the candy thermometer I might have wanted to take the syrup off the boil before it was ready.  This would have resulted in much thinner runnier syrup rather than the thick syrup I was after.

Having made my way through several candy thermometers where the black lettering advising the temperatures reached keeps wearing off, I ditched the modern and hunted down an antique copper candy thermometer which has the temperatures etched in the side.  It works wonderfully well and looks so serious – the real McCoy.

I used clear apple juice as opposed to old-fashioned apple juice.  I’d like to try the appelstroop again using apple cider to see how that turns out.  But first I have a couple jars full of version 2 appelstroop to utilise.  Already I see The Anster glance with questioning eyes at the multiple jars of different apple syrups – both commercial and homemade, wondering if he will have to resort to having apple syrup on porridge, toast and tea in order to keep up with the production.

I used regular white sugar though I was tempted to use raw sugar – once again taking the processing back one extra step.  The molasses was regular blackstrap molasses.  I will revisit this appelstroop now I have made it close to the original recipe – next time I will juice fresh apples and use raw sugar.  However I need to start coming up with a few more ways to use the stuff before the pantry becomes overrun with pretty jars with syrups of varying golden hues.

As for the end result – thanks to this recipe, I can now make my own appelstroop.  I did have a third and forth recipe to try but these have been relegated to the shredding bin.  The syrup is complex in flavour – the apple flavour comes through quite clearly and there are undertones of caramel.  It is good enough to slurp off a spoon.  A different beast to the spiced apple syrup but I will ensure I have stocks of both in my pantry.  Now the fun begins in coming up with 101 ways to use appelstroop.

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    • Jennifer
      Sorry for the delay in responding. I did have a link to The Dutch Table’s appelstroop recipe but it appears to have stopped working. I’ll dig out the recipe I followed and post shortly.

  2. The Dutch Table recipe can be found here:

    3 cups of apple juice or apple cider
    1 cup of sugar
    2 tablespoons of dark molasses
    Place the apple juice or cider into a large saucepan. Stir in the sugar and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for 20 minutes. Once the liquid has reduced by half, use a candy thermometer to monitor the temperature. When the temperature is 235F / 112C, remove the saucepan from the heat. Allow the syrup to cook before stirring in the molasses. Makes 1 cup.

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