Potato & Apple Salad: the best potato salad

Potato and Apple Salad

Potato & Apple Salad
Apples in a potato salad sounded so intriguing I had to try it.  This recipe is an adaptation from The Dutch Table Aardappelsalade. I have used chillioli (aioli with chilli) instead of mayonnaise and altered the ratio of dill to potatoes slightly to suit our kiwi taste buds.  The resulting potato salad is the nicest the Anster has ever tasted.   The salad has been made three times now in the space of about one month – so it is definitely a “make again” recipe in our house.

The first potato salad used braeburn apples – a tart flavoursome apple which perked up the salad somewhat.  The second used New Zealand Rose apples which resulted in a smoother creamier tasting salad. Both were nice but I preferred the sweeter more delicate flavoured apple – the New Zealand Rose.

The third outing was for a lunch dinner and as we had some leftovers from the night before, we thought to stretch it a little with more potato, but ended up making the recipe entirely again.  So apples in a potato salad are all go for me – it isn’t a food pairing I’d have thought to make so thanks to the Dutch Table for expanding my food horizons.

Use salad or boiling potatoes such as Nadines and cook until just tender but firm so they don’t go all flaky.  A general purpose potato will taste ok but not present so tidily. I made the salad with a red skinned potato – either Desiree or Red Rascals and the cooked potatoes broke up resulting in a kind of salad mash. I use red onions as I prefer the sweeter flavour but a half a very small brown onion or perhaps a couple of spring onions would also be very nice. The original recipe called for 8 dill pickles, aka gherkins, but I found the recipe more suited to our tastes using slightly less.
Potato Salad

Potato and Apple Salad

10-12 medium salad potatoes
½ small red onion
6 medium pickled gherkins
6 T chillioli
3 T gherkin brine
Salt and pepper
2 red apples

Scrub the potatoes clean, then boil in salted water until just tender but cooked through.  Drain and cool.

Peel the red onion then place with the gherkins into the blender and process until finely chopped.  Mix together the onion mixture, aioli and gherkin brine.  Season.

Core and dice apples (don’t peel them).  Add apples to the cooked and cooled potatoes, then add the chillioli mixture and gently fold through.

Chill until required.

Garnish with freshly snipped chives.


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