Almost a catastrophe…

Almost a catastrophe….

Or is that a catapplestrophe?  In our chaotic busy lives, chores and errands get squeezed in around the other essential daily life happenings and so it was that an urgent dash to supermarket was in order.
The trouble with supermarket shopping is that one has to place the food in the trolley, then load the food onto the conveyor only to be placed back into the trolley.  Then it must be transferred into the car so that at home, it can be ferried from the car to the house, then unpacked and into the pantry.  That seems like an awful lot of double, triple and sometimes quadruple handling.  Surely in this day and age someone could come up with an easy solution that transports the goods directly from the supermarket shelves into my pantry shelves. 

And so, the groceries got unloaded from the car and inside they were placed on the kitchen table and the floor.  Bananas and apples on the floor ……ok probably not a good place to store them but the table was kind of full and they were under the table so they weren’t in danger of being stood upon by some clumsy galoot. 
Being an extraordinary multi-tasking mum sometimes means things don’t happen quite the way nature intended.  And so the apples and bananas sat in their plastic bags on the floor for a few more hours while we packed our bags (clothes anyway) for a family trip to Rotorua.

Our extended family are quite attune to our trips away and the furry purry friends act up a little when they notice a flurry of clothes being flung into bags.  And so it was with this trip.  Butterglee and Tippy Two Toes were having quite a lot of fun with what I assumed to be a green tennis ball.  It rolled back and forth along the floor, batting between the two of them and occasionally being flung in the air.  This particular tennis ball didn’t bounce very well – because it wasn’t a ball at all.  It was one of my lovely Lemonade apples, purchased especially for some blog related purpose that I hadn’t yet discovered.  The cats had beaten me to it and come up with their own apple related activity.

To the amusement of a lot of my friends, I take pictures of unusual things such as the tree stump I backed over after our tramping trip.  And it was to the amusement of The Anster that I was posing a battle-worn apple but I couldn’t let the apple go to waste.  It had to be good for something even if only a blog about the darn cats.
So apple photo done, next up was the culprits.  I have discovered that cats don’t like their photos taken.  They pose and smile prettily and the minute I press the button they look away, leaving an unusable snap of green smeared eyes on a black fluffy background.    The dogs obliged, and I guess they are partly culpable as they had watched the cats play without telling on them.  If I were a canine and that had been me – I’d have snitched for sure.
So the moral of the story is – cats will play with apples if you particularly need those apples for another purpose and don’t have time to go and buy more, otherwise, they just leave them alone.  Oh, and perhaps don’t store apples on the floor.
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