Swapping produce: Pomegranates for Quinces

Pomegranates vs Quinces

When asked out for dinner and told not to bring anything but yourselves, the need to take at least a block of chocolate or some juice is very strong.  And when we say the same to our guests, we really do mean for them to just bring themselves and an appetite.  So after a dinner invite for Saturday night, I tried very hard to walk out the door with nothing other than a pair of jandals (returning them to my nephew) and a healthy appetite.   I couldn’t do it.

Apple & Quince Crumble
Bagging up 3 rosy round pomegranates, I felt at least I hadn’t gone empty-handed.  Turns out we didn’t come home empty-handed either.  I swapped my pomegranates for four large sunflower yellow quinces.

What to do with quinces other than quince paste?  I know quince paste is quite nice but it isn’t something I’d usually buy so it doesn’t seem productive to make paste from these fruits.  Last time (and the first time I cooked with quinces (not japonica quinces, I attempted to do something with these early on in my cooking adventures – it wasn’t very successful), I made a beef & quince casserole.  It was really nice but I have no idea where I got the recipe from so probably won’t be attempting that recipe again.
Apple & Quince Crumble
I am on a bit of a syrup quest at the moment so I could make some quince syrup.  I like the look of this Quince & Apple Crumble recipe – the quince syrup is a by-product of poached quinces which would be lovely in a crumble with Golden Delicious apples. .  This would make a quince & apple syrup but I can live with that.  I have 4 quinces, I have golden delicious, we love crumble.  Sorted!
Apple & Quince Crumble
I might have to swap a few more pomegranates for quinces as these recipes look equally delicious:

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