The language of apples

Currently six weeks into a nine week holiday in the U.K. and Europe, it’s been interesting trying new foods in new countries.

Apple Travels

Right now I am in The Netherlands.  I don’t know much about apples here but they must grown as I know several recipes that originate here showcase apples – Dutch apple pie or tart (appeltaart) for instance.  Dutch apple pie, as I understand it, differs from regular apple pie in that it has raisins and lemon flavouring.
Apple Travels
I thought I might see quite different varieties of apples in shops and supermarkets throughout Europe but they’re essentially the same varieties we have at home: Granny Smith, Fuji, Pink Lady ….. I’d have to venture out into the villages and shop at roadside stalls to get some of the older varieties and without a car, that isn’t always possible.
Apple Travels
So I am settling for apple products ie Cider.  I have tried English, Scottish and Irish Apple Cider and they’ve all been very very good.  I attempted to ask for Cidre in France but offended the waiter so much he didn’t speak to us for the rest of the service which we found comical.  We did find Cidre in France at a different cafe so we were all good.
Apple Travels
The French do, however, make a delicious apple pastries.  I thought I might see apple ice cream, gelato or sorbet as they like to make use of fruits in their iced treats but so far (we’ve managed to have ice cream of some sort in every county) I’ve not seen any so Tasmania still reigns as the best apple ice cream producer.
Apple Travels
The other apple treat I have consumed in great quantity is apple juice, my go to favourite cold beverage.  I have had single variety apple juice, green apple juice, cloudy apple juice and they’ve all been really nice.
Apple Travels


Spiced Chai Discoveries

Spiced Chai
Much has happened in our life since my last post but that is another story for another time. This is just a quick post to leap back into the world of sevengreenapples.  While I was away (from blogging and from home) I took the opportunity to check out some wonderful places in New Zealand.  One of those places was a little town named Woodville – a town we often wave to as we pass by on our way to somewhere else.  This time I made time to stop and browse a few shops.  They have some good second-hand shops but it was food that I was really interested in.   Continue reading

The Apple Isle: Apples

Launceston Harvest Market
Visiting a different country is a great opportunity to check out their apples though I was fairly sure that early Spring meant apples wouldn’t be in season in Tasmania as New Zealand has a main apple season from Feb to May.  Tasmania sits about the same latitude as Cheviot in Canterbury (north of Christchurch) so I was assumed the apple season would be similar to ours.  Not so, I was a little puzzled to find plenty of apples that had long since disappeared from our supermarkets for the season – Golden Delicious were plentiful and felt very firm, until I found a brochure that shows the apple season in Tasmania is later and longer.

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The Apple Isle

Somewhere over the Tasman Sea
I have just returned from a fun but exhausting 10 day holiday in The Apple Isle (Tasmania).  The idea of the trip was raised by my sister-in-law as she & I both celebrate a significant birthday this year and we’re both a little nuts about food.  Tasmania is well-known for its food and it wasn’t until after we’d organised the holiday that i realised it is also known for apples.  Sounded like a great holiday destination to me. Continue reading