Apples we are drinking: Old Testament Cider

Sparkling Apple Cider
I picked up this cider during a quick trip to the supermarket – one of those ones where you have no list because you only need a few things but you end up with a trolley load of other stuff you don’t need.  It wasn’t until I got home that I discovered it is made right here in our fair city.

We’re lucky to have a Cidery right here in town – they have a shop that not only sells their cider but also some lovely bacon salt from Ma Prenzel as well as highly perfumed candles set into old tea cups.  I’m fairly sure I bought a bottle of olive oil that had something to do with garlic but I seem to have mislaid it …… my new pantry doesn’t seem to be as organised as it “should” be.
Sparkling Apple Cider
But back to the cider – here in NZ cider means hard cider or alcoholic cider as opposed to fresh unfiltered apple juice.  Cider has had a resurgence of sorts over the last five years or more – new cider varieties appear on my apple radar with regular occurence. And we’d much prefer to sit down to a cold cider than to beer or wine.
Sparkling Apple Cider
With so many New Zealand produced cider’s available, the imported name brands are relegated to the ‘meh’ pile.  Thomas & Rose Fine Fruit Cider, also produced by Harvest Cider here in Gisborne is one of my favourite.  I do a real good frownie face when the Mopp comes home with non-NZ made cider but he hasn’t cottoned on as yet.

I’m not real fond of plastic bottles, I much prefer glass.  However, in the interests of trying this sparkling apple cider, I pushed aside my niggles and popped the bottle into my trolley.  I’m glad I did as this cider is fresh, fruity, crisp and very good to drink.  The apple taste really shines through which may be a dumb thing to say but some apple cider doesn’t much taste of apples.
Sparkling Apple Cider
I enjoyed my glass of cider while sitting on the deck covered in fallen apple blossoms.  I also found that one can buy a “proper” cider glass rather than just any old glass  – there is an interesting article over at the Cider Journal.  And to correctly compare one cider to another, then the correct glass is imperative.  Oops – I do have a wine glass somewhere but we drink wine so seldom, the glasses are in a box buried in the back of the china cabinet cupboard and it was much to difficult to dig them out.  My recycled glass did just fine.

Limited Edition: Granny Smith Apple Juice

Granny Smith Apple Juice

I love love love single variety apple juice.  I imagine (pretend) as I am drinking it that I can taste the individual nuances of apple flavours. Well, there is no pretending with this Granny Smith apple juice.  The inside of my cheeks water and pucker just like they do when I eat a Granny Smith apple.
Granny Smith Apple Juice

I had a photo bomber today – he was very interested in what I was up to.  Especially when there was cake and biscuits at his eye (nose and tongue) level.

This is the second bottle of juice we’ve bought.  The first I bought for the purposes of this blog but the bottle appeared in the recycling bin before I realized it was even open proving it is appreciated by someone in our house.
Granny Smith Apple Juice

Apple Crumble Chocolate

Apple Crumble Chocolate
We are firmly in the Whittakers camp when it comes to chocolate, not only because it tastes better but also because it is New Zealand made.  However occasionally Cadbury brings out a limited edition flavour that makes me jump ship for a short time. Continue reading

Mocha deliciousness

Mocha Milk
There has been a lot of press recently about Chelsea Winter & Lewis Road Creamery’s collaboration creation of Fresh Double Caramel Milk – a caramel milk with two layers of caramel flavour – a golden butterscotch & a deep caramel.  First up, I am not a fan of caramel flavoured milk as they are usually overly sweet.  Chocolate milk is okay now and then but my go-to flavour of flavoured-milk is coffee (preferably strong coffee). I had to try the double caramel milk after reading the reviews on-line and this is a caramel milk I’d drink again – for me, it was sweet but not too sweet. The Mopp is addicted to it and frequently goes out on errands to restock the fridge.
Mocha deliciousness

The collaboration effort between Chelsea Winter, Masterchef New Zealand’s Season Three (2012) Winner and Lewis Road Creamery got me imagining what flavour milk I’d create should I ever have the opportunity.  As Lewis Road Creamery already offer Fresh Coffee Milk with Supreme Coffee which is, in my opinion, really good coffee-flavoured milk as it isn’t sweet at all, I decided a Mocha Milk was the next best thing to Coffee Milk.  So off I toddle and purchase one bottle of really good coffee-flavoured milk and one bottle of really good chocolate-flavoured milk (flavoured with Whittaker’s 5-Roll Refined Creamy Milk Chocolate no less) – just a wee (300 ml) bottle of each.
Mocha Milk
I didn’t give much thought to the coffee/chocolate ratio to begin with.  I just started with 50% of each, carefully measured out into a glass jug.  The Mopp (the above-mentioned caramel-milk addict) was my helpful taste-tester.  I wanted more coffee flavour and he wanted more chocolate flavour so next time around (and there will be a next time around) I will have Chocolate-infused Coffee Milk (with 75% Coffee/25% Chocolate) and he will have Coffee-infused Chocolate Milk with the remaining milks.  Perfect.  So until Lewis Road Creamery cotton onto the Mocha Milk idea, we shall continue concocting our own.
Mocha Milk
Note: I am not related to or connected to any of the companies mentioned in this post nor have they paid me or provided product for samples.  This review is purely my own opinion.
Mocha Milk

Mocha deliciousness


  • 1 x 300 ml Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Coffee Milk
  • 1 x 300 ml Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Chocolate Milk


  • Pour half the coffee milk into a tall glass. Give the chocolate milk bottle a good shake to redistribute all the chocolatey goodness that has settled on the bottom then pour half the chocolate into aforementioned glass. Pour the remaining coffee flavoured milk into the half empty chocolate milk bottle and recap. Hide it in the refrigerator for another Mocha hit tomorrow.
  • Give the milk in the glass a stir to combine the two milky flavours then drink.
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Spiced Chai Discoveries

Spiced Chai
Much has happened in our life since my last post but that is another story for another time. This is just a quick post to leap back into the world of sevengreenapples.  While I was away (from blogging and from home) I took the opportunity to check out some wonderful places in New Zealand.  One of those places was a little town named Woodville – a town we often wave to as we pass by on our way to somewhere else.  This time I made time to stop and browse a few shops.  They have some good second-hand shops but it was food that I was really interested in.   Continue reading

A trip to the fieldays & Apple Ice-Cream!!

2015 NZ National Agricultural Fieldays
New Zealand hosts the Southern Hemisphere’s largest agribusiness exhibition every year in Mystery Creek, Hamilton.  Both the Anster & I went along with our families when we were youngsters but neither of us had been since before we were married.  Every year we talk about taking the kids there some time so they can experience the fieldays even though we’re not farmers or into agribusiness.
Kapiti Spicy Apple Crumble Ice Cream with Black Doris Plum & Creme Fraiche Ice Cream in the background
Miss M had an invite from a friend and was scheming up ways she could attend.  It was decided by one and all that the whole family should go so a gumboot inventory was duly executed (Fieldays and gumboots go hand in hand (or is that foot in food?)).  Mr L was the only gumboot-less member of our family so a quick trip to the local hardware store saw him equipped with a brand new pair of Red Bands. Continue reading

Apple chocolate – what more could you want?

Whittaker’s Hawke’s Bay Braeburn Apple with Vanilla in White Chocolate

Hawke's Bay Braeburn Apple with Vanilla in White Chocolate
It’s about time a New Zealand chocolate producer created a chocolate that contains apple.  For a country that grows and exports a lot of apples, we don’t do much with them.  Last year I visited Tasmania and sampled Apple Mead, Apple Ice-cream & Apple Chocolate.  Maybe I am just not looking in the right places over here in New Zealand.(see note below).  Continue reading

Apples & Pomegranates

Apple & Pomegranate Syrup
I admit that I bought this Apple & Pomegranate Syrup partly because I love the shape of the bottle.  I have a ‘thing’ for interesting and unusual glass bottles – they make lovely vases and are very good a cluttering up my limited cupboard space.  I won’t go into detail about the four or five large boxes of antique bottles that my Uncle saved from my grandparents place – they have been safely wrapped in newspaper for about ten years – awaiting a lovely display unit in the living room.  As the Anster doesn’t share my passion for glass, the display unit is nearer the bottom of the ‘want’ list.  And I suppose I do agree that a proper laundry would be more useful that a display shelf for obscure bottles.  More useful but less exciting. Continue reading

Muesli munchers

I had promised Bran Muffins with Apple Syrup but the recipe is a work in progress and not quite ready to upload – they taste nice but they look sort of brown and boring.  And if they don’t look pretty enough, who will be inspired to make them?

We’ve had three batches of 30 bran muffins and the Mopp is eating them as fast as I can bake them.  I did try to freeze a couple of containers but they have been retrieved from their secret hiding place and scarfed down too.  I kind of wonder if Mopp is sabotaging the recipe slightly so I have to keep trialing the recipe – that way he keeps a never-ending supply of not quite perfect muffins coming his way. Continue reading