Cookbook Review: Everyday Delicious

Everyday Delicious
Everyday Delicious is the second cookbook from Chelsea Winter, winner of NZ MasterChef season three.  At My Table, Chelsea’s bestselling first cookbook, is marketed as ‘hearty, delicious, no-fuss mainstream New Zealand recipes’ and Everyday Delicious continues this theme with recipes specifically created for home cooks. Continue reading

Cookbook Review: Little India at home

Little India
As I was flicking through the pages of Little India trying to settle on the first curry to try, I wondered if apples grow in India.  Turns out, apples do grow in India, though not all of India.  Just a few states have the right conditions to grow apples: Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand & Arunachal Pradesh.  All of these areas border China, and China is the top apple producer in the world, so that kind of makes sense.  It appears that India is the 5th highest producer of apples in the World following China, America, Turkey & Italy. Continue reading

Cookbook review: Bread

Bread – Dean Brettschneider (Penguin Group)

Dean Brettschneider, known as the Global Baker and the host of Hottest Home Baker TV show, is all about Bread. This is the twelfth cookbook Dean has written or contributed to, each of them in some form or another to do with dough and pastry. Brettschneider, professional baker & pâtissier, shares his tips and passion on how to create the best bread possible in your very own kitchen. Continue reading

Cookbook Review: Sweet

Sweet: treats to share – Penguin Group

Sweet treats to share
With bookstores & library shelves already groaning with baking books, what can Sweet offer that the others don’t already cover? Continue reading

Book review: The Best of Apples

What’s new in my cookbook library

The Best of Apples

Looking for ideas on how to decorate cakes, I came across this wee book on TradeMe (NZ’s equivalent of EBay and Craigslist): The Best of Apples.  Offered for the huge sum of $2.60 (including postage), it was too good to pass up. Continue reading

Book Review: Feed a family of six for under $20

Feed a family of six for under $20: Budget-friendly recipes from Facebook sensation Jas McPhee

Feed a family of six for under $20

It takes a little bit of magic and a lot of skill to stretch a limited income to feed a family.  Maybe skill isn’t the right word, as it isn’t a difficult task, but rather requires know-how and can-do.

Our food budget is reasonably flexible however we have carried forward good habits which help keep our food spend down to a reasonable limit.  Homemade yoghurt (not from a sachet), bread, baking and creating meals from scratch rather than using packet mixes and expensive snacks all help keep costs down. Continue reading

Cookbook Review: Superfoods Cookbook

Superfoods Cookbook

Michelle Bridges: Superfoods Cookbook | Penguin Group

I requested this book to review as a way of shaking my cooking out of a very deep rut – I tend to make similar sorts of meals and occasionally, I wonder if there is a better way of nourishing the body and soul.  This book proclaims boldly on the cover: feel great, get fit and lose weight.  A stunning picture of Michelle Bridges shows she practices what she preaches.

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Cookbook Review: Our food out east

Book Review: Feast

Young Nick points to the Heads beyond the breakwater
Young Nick points to the Heads beyond the breakwater

A trip to Whakatane a few months back saw me looking through my friend Pip’s cookbooks and I discovered Plenty – a really fabulous looking cookbook based in the Bay of Plenty.  The food and photography is superb.  I hoped that one day we could have a cookbook based in Poverty Bay if only just to thumb our nose at Captain Cook and his fellow intrepid travellers.  Young Nick’s Head at the southern end of the bay was the first sighted land of New Zealand.  After a misunderstanding or two between the local Maori and the Endeavour crew led to bloodshed, Cook left with his tail between his legs without the food and provision required to journey on, and in spite or in truth, left us with the name Poverty Bay.

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Cookbook Review: Feeding time at the zoo

I had thought that once children progressed from high chairs and spoon-feeding to feeding themselves, it would feel a little bit less like feeding time at the zoo.  But alas, as they grow, so do appetites and opinions.  It is still feeding time – the animals have just got bigger and noisier.  I am thinking it is politically incorrect to refer to my children as animals, but I call Holdie b’Goldie my baby so I figure the terms of endearment go both ways.


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Apple & Lemon Torta

Italia |Simple recipes from the Italian Cook School – Jo Seagar

I  don’t believe I am alone when I admit that I don’t often make a recipe as it is written.  I use the recipe as a guide, and substitute flavours here and there.  Sometimes with success and other times not so but during the process I learn a little more about what works and what doesn’t.  And so if I had been making this recipe – it may not have been such a wonderful ending to our dinner.  We had invited guests to eat with us, and I was in charge Continue reading