Walnut Honey Yoghurt Apple Loaf

Walnut Honey Yoghurt Apple LoafThe Mopp has embarked on a refined-sugar eating plan to help support a friend.  This has created quite a challenge in the kitchen as I now am baking dairy-free, refined-sugar free treats.  I like challenges and am having fun discovering a whole new world of recipes using honey.

This recipe is adapted from Cultures for Health Nutty Honey Yogurt Zucchini Loaf.  As it contains yoghurt, it isn’t dairy-free so the daughter has missed out this time.  However, with the nuts included, she’d have turned her nose up at it anyway, so no loss there. Continue reading

Chocolate Loaf with Coffee-Soaked Sultanas

Chocolate Loaf with Coffee-Soaked SultanasOne of the recipes in a cookbook I reviewed recently was for a Welsh tea loaf where the dried fruit is soaked in hot tea. The resulting loaf is delicious, particularly when cut into thick slabs and smeared with butter. I took that concept and replaced the tea with coffee. I like my coffee strong so I used two tablespoons of ground coffee to 1 cup of boiling water.

Chocolate Loaf with Coffee-Soaked SultanasI made the first version with raisins which was nice but as the Anster favours sultanas over raisins I switched. It helps that sultanas are less expensive than raisins. I’m fairly sure I have mentioned before that the Anster is one of those weird people who doesn’t like coffee. I can taste the coffee in this loaf but that may be because I know it is there. The Anster loves this loaf – it is his sort of food. I expressed a little surprise and asked him if he could taste the coffee and he said now that you mention it he could detect the coffee but it was subtle enough for his taste buds. Continue reading

Wholemeal, Yoghurt & Caramelized Apple Loaf

Wholemeal & Yoghurt Caramelized Apple Loaf
As I have mentioned before, I like to add yoghurt to my baking.  I also like to incorporate wholemeal (whole wheat) flour in a way that doesn’t render the end product dry and dusty tasting.

Continue reading

Lots of bowls Loaf

Apple & Raspberry Loaf
New beginnings can take a little while to get a handle on.  Having swapped my full-time employment with a part-time job, I am now chief cook and bottle washer.  Oh wait, that was me before too.  Just now I have half a day plus all evening to do it, whereas before I had to scramble to fit it all in after work.  I now have little excuse for my house being untidy and my children unfed.  I feel pressure to send them to school with lunch boxes full of home baking and sparkling clean and pressed uniforms. Continue reading