Homemade Apple & Cinnamon Wholemeal Panettone

Homemade Apple & Cinnamon Wholemeal Panettone
My December recipe for our local paper, The Gisborne Herald, was inspired by the classic Italian dessert Zuccotto.  I create the recipes and on the bottom of the page is an advertisement for a local Mediterranean delicatessen.  Each month features a recipe using some ingredient available from the delicatessen.  Occasionally I get very inspired by a recipe idea and get right through to the baking and making stage before I realise that none of the ingredients are available at the deli.  When I get in my inspired mode, it is full charge ahead…… Sometimes it is back to the drawing board for a few tweaks, sometimes it is a whole recipe redesign. Continue reading

Cookbook review: Bread

Bread – Dean Brettschneider (Penguin Group)

Dean Brettschneider, known as the Global Baker and the host of Hottest Home Baker TV show, is all about Bread. This is the twelfth cookbook Dean has written or contributed to, each of them in some form or another to do with dough and pastry. Brettschneider, professional baker & pâtissier, shares his tips and passion on how to create the best bread possible in your very own kitchen. Continue reading

Pork and Apple Burgers with Chilli Sauce

Apple goes with ….. Pork

Pork & Apple Hamburger PattyWe’ve had a bit of a run on meals with pork this past week.  Pork is one of my favourite proteins and it pairs extremely well with apples.  Mopp invited his friend around for the evening on Friday night and wanted to make sure I cooked the right food.  Friday night is our home-made takeaways night (occasionally we have bought takeaways but not too often as feeding six adult-sized humans gets a little pricey).  Sausages & home-made chips were out, home-baked spicy chicken was out….. Continue reading

Spiced Chocolate & Cranberry Easter Scrolls

Home-made hot cross buns are super delicious and quite easy to make, with or without a bread machine. To make these buns by hand, use active yeast instead of Surebake yeast.  Soften yeast in warmed milk, then mix in half the flour.  Cover and set aside until the mixture has doubled.  Add the remaining ingredients and knead until a smooth elastic dough.  Then proceed to rolling as detailed below.  As the weather cools, use the oven to help rise the dough – place the scrolls, loosely covered with a clean tea-towel, in the oven at 30ºC.  Remove scrolls from oven before turning the temperature up to cook the scrolls.  Icing the scrolls is optional.
Chocolate & Cranberry Easter Scrolls
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