Spiced Chocolate & Cranberry Easter Scrolls

Home-made hot cross buns are super delicious and quite easy to make, with or without a bread machine. To make these buns by hand, use active yeast instead of Surebake yeast.  Soften yeast in warmed milk, then mix in half the flour.  Cover and set aside until the mixture has doubled.  Add the remaining ingredients and knead until a smooth elastic dough.  Then proceed to rolling as detailed below.  As the weather cools, use the oven to help rise the dough – place the scrolls, loosely covered with a clean tea-towel, in the oven at 30ºC.  Remove scrolls from oven before turning the temperature up to cook the scrolls.  Icing the scrolls is optional.
Chocolate & Cranberry Easter Scrolls

Chocolate & Cranberry Scrolls

Spiced Chocolate Dough

75g butter
1 cup milk
1 t vanilla extract
1 egg
3 ½ cups high-grade flour
½ cup cocoa powder, sifted
1 T mixed spice
1 T cinnamon
1 t ground cloves
½ cup brown sugar
¾ t salt
4 t Surebake yeast

Chocolate & Cranberry Filling

50g butter, softened
1 cup sliced cranberries
1 cup dark chocolate
2 T brown sugar

Spiced Berry Icing

2 T spiced berry syrup
¾ – 1 cup icing sugar
Hot water


Soften butter, but don’t completely melt.
Heat milk to lukewarm – between 37º and 40ºC.
Place butter, milk, extract & egg into the bread machine.
Add remaining dough ingredients and set on a dough cycle.
For the filling, soften the butter and stir in cranberries, chocolate & sugar.
Once dough is ready, gently roll out on a lightly floured surface to a 45 x 20cm rectangle.
Spread filling evenly over the dough, leaving a 1cm gap down one long edge.
Roll dough into a scroll, ending with the long side that is free of filling.
With the seam on the bottom, cut the roll into 12-16 even sized slices.
Place scrolls into a lasagna sized lined baking tin.
Cover with a clean tea-towel and sit in a warm place until the scrolls have doubled in size.
Bake in a preheated oven at 225ºC for about 10 minutes.
Ice once cold.
To make the icing, combine the berry syrup & icing sugar then add sufficient hot water to make a spreadable glaze.
Spoon into a piping bag and pipe icing over the buns.
Store buns in an airtight container.

This is my first entry into a monthly chocolate challenge We Should Cocoa.

3 thoughts on “Spiced Chocolate & Cranberry Easter Scrolls

  1. Spiced Berry Syrup – I have used Shott Spiced Berry Syrup. If you haven’t got any, then either use a berry extract or berry cordial such as Blackcurrant Syrup. I have a post coming on how to achieve berry flavouring using other options.

  2. Huge apologies Jo. I’ve just discovered this on the We Should Cocoa e-mail. As we use the linky thing now, I don’t check it nearly as often as I should – as you can probably tell. Please don’t let this put you off entering WSC again. your entry is fantastic and your photo is gorgeous.

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